If intersted in starting a new league please give Doug Spencer a call at 419-568-7888. We handle all the scoring, skins and even proximity signs. We can handle anything small or big.

If you are interested into getting into one of our 12 leagues already running please do not hesitate to call Doug for more info.


League Meetings and Approximate Start Dates:


Acheson’s – meeting on 4/15 at 1pm at Acheson’s and start date 4/22

Monday Night Skins – Meeting 4/1 at 5PM, start on 4/15

PV Women’s League – Meeting 4/8 at 5:30 PM, start on 4/22



PV Seniors – Meeting 4/2 at 9AM, start on 4/16

Plastipak – Start on 4/16

Wapak Eagles – Meeting on 4/9 at 6:30, start on 4/16



IL Moose – Meeting on 4/10 at 1pm at Moose, start on 4/17

Wapak VFW – Meeting on 3/6 at 6pm at VFW, start on 4/24

Spartan Nash – Meeting on 4/3 at 5pm, start on 4/17



PV Thursday AM – Meeting on 3/28 at 9AM, start on 4/11

Women’s Morning League – Meeting on 4/11 at 10AM, start on 4/25

PV Men’s – Meeting on 3/28 at 5pm, start on 4/11